New inspection philosophy

Real Time Enterprise (RTE) - company providing the results of service in the real time


The INSPECTIS customers have an online access to the system in which the current results of the inspections are being introduced. The data are entered into the system by INSPECTIS employees (surveyors), directly involved in the inspection execution. Besides, an important part of information appears in the system automatically through integration with external systems (transhipment terminals, suppliers, etc.).

Applying RTE solution we want our service to be fully transparent to our customers and fully satisfying them. We also want that our customers can themselves, at any stage, verify what and how we are doing for them. We want to provide them with an immediate access to the results.

In the past and still widely used method of the inspection services provision, the results are recorded by surveyors in tally sheets and similar working sheets. Then, they are transfered by telephone, fax, email or in person to so called commercial departments or similar operational centers, where, within business hours, they are further processed.  At the end, the so prepared inspection results are delivered to the customer. Such an approach leads to delays, possible distortion, lack of access to the source information, lack of access to the direct executor actual opinion.

Applying RTE we provide:


  • Customer (the owner of the inspection results) has constant access to the source data.
  • The information about condition of the commodity is always available, so reaches the owner always on time.
  • Principal knows the opinion of a direct inspection executor instead of his superiors.
  • The risk of confusion and distortion is greatly reduced.

Using the RTE philosophy we give our customers access to real data in a real time. At the same time we lose the possibility of their previous (before the release) processing. In return, we hope for a mature approach, taking into account all the above aspects, at the time of the evaluation of our services.