"Consider the environment '- a slogan that we see hundreds of times a day in the received messages. It became more a marketing trick than the actual manifestation of concern for the environment. Our main aim is to simplify and speed up the data flow. The information contained in the document sent electronically and 'hung' in the system is much easier, faster and more widely available than the information provided in traditional paper way.


Electronic correspondence:

  • Increases security of data contained in the documents that are in circulation
  • Makes the time of flow shorter
  • Increases the confidence that the information reaches its destination on time.
  • Reduce paper usage, so ... Protects the environment
  • Involves many other benefits.


We would like to request not to send us any letter on paper and to direct to us e-mail correspondence only. In case correspondence on which you want to be assured that it reached us, please affix an appropriate request for acknowledgment of receipt. In response, you will receive a confirmation of receipt. At your request, we can confirm it with use of qualified digital signature.


This applies in particular e-invoices, the status of which, according to current regulations, has been equated with the status of paper invoices. It does not need any additional software or expensive equipment to generate an electronic invoice. Only such invoices will be accepted. The delivery of paper invoices please always agree with usin advance.


Ministries, officies and all those who for other reasons do not understand these rules, please address correspondence to:


Inspectis Sp. z o.o.
Leźno 53 I
80-298 Gdańsk (Poland)