Real Time Enterprise

Partiy using OPERATUS act as RTE (Real Time Enterprise), which means that any logged in user can in real time (online), to the allowed him extent, follow the actions of the others. For example, if a supplier delivering goods to the port, notify his delivery in the system, at the same time all the other participants who have the access to that particular delivery, such as cargo owner, warehouse, terminal, carrier, forwarder ... . etc. see this vehicle in the system and its current status.


The system can provide automatic e-mail or SMS notification to each user about changes in status of objects that interest him (e.g.: 'supply has reached its destination', or 'finished goods quality control'... etc.).



Simultaneously, the system contains significant database resources, which are still being developed and which include: vehicle, ships and other means of transport database (over 50 000 items), places (villages and cities) database (over 40 000 items in Poland), warehouse, weighing facilities, handling equipment etc.


In the cargo surveing module the system enables continuous real-time monitoring of all inspection activities conducted on its behalf. E.g. Weighing results, sampling, analyses results, cleanliness inspection of cargo spaces, volume measurements results, draught survey results, tally, photographic documentation, etc. OPERATUS bases on file by file system is based, the status of which represents the stage on which the particular matter is at the moment.


Means of transport management module enables constant real time monitoring of individual vehicles or vessels and their status, i.e. the stages of transport chain / or service in place by / unloading. The various statuses (steps) the system can send a notification to particular users.


Storage module serves users, especially cargo owners to watch their stored goods, through a transparent access to the particular storage items (silos, flat warehouses, areas...) where the goods are clearly separated by consignments and their owners, stock accounts, classes of goods, etc. The system records the output operations, inputs, shiftings and continuously monitors changing quantity and quality.

OPERATUS can be integrated with already existing external systems, providing, in favorable circumstances, the smooth data import and / or export.